Want to Take the Future of Your Marriage into Your OWN Hands?

Many women are unhappy in their marriage and feel hopeless because they can’t get their husband to work on the relationship.

At Strong Women, Strong Love, we’re committed to showing you how to use your own power to turn your marriage around, with or without his cooperation.

When you know what YOU can do to rekindle love, you will relax knowing you’re not leaving the most important relationship of your life completely up to chance.

You’re a strong woman who deserves an equally-strong love. Let’s show you how!

Hello, I’m Dr. Poonam Sharma. As a psychologist practicing for over 25 years, it breaks my heart to watch strong, capable women like you struggling with your marriage.

I know the stakes are incredibly high. No one goes into a marriage thinking they may end up in divorce court one day. And yet, we know that many marriages struggle, and women are usually the ones to call it quits.

At Strong Women, Strong Love, my goal is to show you exactly where to target your energy, so that you’re not guessing about how to keep the love and passion alive in your marriage. I’ve been personally trained by many of the leading marriage experts in the world. They have already discovered the essential keys to building the strong and happy relationship you desire.

Read my book, explore the blog, and take matters into your own hands. With the right information and your strong will, you can defy the odds and get your marriage back on track.

You deserve a relationship where you feel cherished, appreciated and fully supported by your husband. Let me show you how!

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It’s You and Me against the Pandemic, Baby!

To say it’s been a tough year is a huge understatement. Have you and your sweetie been sailing through this past year, or has the COVID-era dealt some tough blows to your relationship?

As we are all slowly coming out the other end of the pandemic, it’s clear that some relationships have held up better than others. New research by Dr. Lisa Neff and colleagues of The University of Texas at Austin shows that couples who blame the stress of the past year on the pandemic, not their partner, came out feeling much happier about their relationship.

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Podcast Interview: Resolving Relationship Stress

Valentine’s Day is a great time to focus on making your relationship stronger. On this episode of The Stress Nanny podcast with Lindsay Miller, I share the mindset that lowers stress and helps you reconnect deeply with your partner. Enjoy!

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