I Fell in Love with Her Courage

I fell in LOVE with her


and her flaming


And it’s these things

I’d believe in,

even if the whole world indulged in

wild suspicions that she wasn’t

all she should be.

 I LOVE her and it is the


 ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald


Strong Women

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“Strong women value authenticity, personal growth, and genuine relationships.  They are courageous and willing to embrace the truth, even if doing so causes some discomfort.  Strong women are deeply committed to keeping both themselves and their relationships healthy and vibrant.

Strong women come from all walks of life.  A strong woman might be the CEO of a major corporation, juggling tremendous work and family responsibilities.  She could also be a busy, stay-at-home mom who is deeply invested in helping her children become successful, compassionate adults with good character.  A strong woman could even be someone whose quiet, steady presence is a source of strength and inspiration to those around her.”

(Excerpt from Strong Women, Strong Love)

How emotionally strong are you?