"You're about to Discover the 
Most Simple and Profound Secrets
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Including ... how to increase communication
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keep love alive, and most of all,
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Marriage. It’s one of the most important relationships of your life, but who really knows how to keep love strong and passionate over the long run?

Most people are flying by the seat of their pants. Rather than finding the happy ending, they are becoming more miserable each day.

It’s heartbreaking to find yourself in this position. You go back and forth between working on your marriage and fantasizing about leaving.

You really don’t want to throw away your marriage if there’s any way to improve it, but you’re tired and can’t keep struggling forever.

This is even MORE true if you consider yourself to be a STRONG WOMAN ...

As a strong woman, you are used to accomplishing your goals. Whether you're the CEO of a huge corporation or a stay-at-home mom, you want to know how to keep both you and your marriage healthy and vibrant. To accomplish this, you are daring enough to face the truth, even if it is uncomfortable.

So what is the truth?

The truth is that despite your strength and competence, even you probably struggle in your marriage and don't know what to do …

You become overloaded, trapped, or even lost in all the demands pushing down on you. Your husband may not appreciate your typical take-charge attitude and shuts down when you ask for help. So, you end up bitter and resentful because you feel rejected and all alone in your relationship.

What eventually happens is that these elements slowly chip away at one of the most important things in your life…YOUR MARRIAGE.

But before you fall into the typical relationship traps that may be awaiting you, know that you can remain the strong woman you are AND have an amazing marriage as well!


In Strong Women, Strong Love: The Missing Manual for the Modern Marriage, you will learn how to avoid common marriage pitfalls. By implementing the most important emotional habits that research has clearly linked to marital success, you can keep your marriage strong and robust (and inspiring) … all while maintaining your own strength and power as a woman.

Written by a psychologist, Dr. Poonam Sharma, this book is grounded in psychology and relationship science, not wishful thinking. Get to the heart of the matter, without all the “fluff” and nonsense of most marriage and relationship advice books on the market.

Strong Women, Strong Love is broken down into 5 information-packed sections for you to review and absorb including…

PART 1 –STRESS AND EXPECTATIONS: Take a close look at how high levels of stress and new expectations of men, women and marriage can challenge modern relationships.
PART 2 – THE STRONG MINDSET: Explore the powerful mindset and skills necessary to be an even stronger woman and marriage partner.
PART 3 – DAMAGING BEHAVIORS: Examine the unique and specific behaviors that almost ALWAYS ruin relationships, and what you can do to avoid them.
PART 4 – MARRIAGE-BOOSTING HABITS: Discover the essential habits that will keep your love strong for the long-term by sustaining emotional intimacy and passion!
PART 5 – SAFEGUARDING STRATEGIES: Identify the powerful strategies that will shield your marriage from the critical outside forces that ruin or threaten most relationships! 

Here’s an insider look at some of the
specific insights you’ll discover in this
powerful marriage manual…


  • Discover the most popular and most common complaints men and women have about each other, and how to avoid them. (p. 12)*
  • Take a look inside the mind of a man, and learn how to motivate your husband to cherish and appreciate you. (p. 16)
  • Find out what women unknowingly do that can instantly trigger their husbands to be defensive. (p. 20)
  • Learn how to avoid being sucked down the spiral of stress and expectations that ruins almost all marriages. (p. 25)
  • Identify the barriers that are holding you back in your relationship, and learn how to break through them for a more loving and happy marriage. (p. 39)
  • Practice “intimate separateness,” without damaging your relationship. (p. 44)
  • Notice your real needs, and express them without feeling guilty. (p. 46)
  • Unleash the REAL you, and increase the emotional closeness in your marriage. (p. 49) 
  • Implement the indisputable formula for becoming simply irresistible, and watch attraction soar. (p. 50)
  • Identify the specific types of conflict that are dangerous to a marriage, and do everything you can to avoid them. (p. 55)
  • Learn how to give up the harmful behaviors that will kill your relationship so quickly that you won’t know what happened. (p. 61)
  • Discover the real inner workings of a deep and passionate love including the 7 simple habits that will make your love last. (p. 67)
  • Uncover the 3 essential tools for creating astounding intimacy, making your relationship so much deeper and richer. (p. 73)
  • Find out the critical conditions that will awaken long-lost passion and keep the spark alive and burning. (p. 82)
  • Learn how to protect your love, and design a lifestyle that keeps everyone happy. (p. 87)
  • Discover all the above plus a whole lot more!

(*Please note that page numbers refer to the paperback version.)

Most of you are simply too busy to sift through the overwhelming amount of relationship advice out there to figure out what really works. You may have considered marriage counseling, but just don't have the time or money to go, or can't seem to convince your husband to join you.

In this book, you have exclusive access to the best relationship ideas and skills that clinicians and academics have identified as vital to keeping marriage strong. You will find plenty of practical, powerful, to-the-point suggestions you can start using right away.

 You can access this amazing manual, and start taking charge of your marriage RIGHT NOW. Click the link below to order from Amazon. With the Kindle version, you can access the book immediately. Please note you don't need to own a Kindle to read the book. Amazon offers free software you can download to your computer. A paperback version is also available.