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Awesome book! This book was very informative. I learned plenty of new things about the connections between men and woman and how we impact each other’s lives. I am a very strong willed woman. Reading this book really opened my eyes about things I need to change about myself before entering the world of relationships.I recommend this book not only to married people, but also to single people that are or eventually want to be in a romantic relationship.
By Nadine


Fantastic! Well written and practical. I’ve been very impressed with the chapters, and suggestions for women to try. I believe following this book will help keep marriages in tact. Two thumbs up!
By C. Bishop “lankychris”


Book filled with practical advice.  This is a great book filled with helpful tips which you can put into practice immediately. The writing style is very reader friendly such that you can get through the book pretty quickly which is very helpful for the busy woman. This book helped me to recognize various actions in which I engage which are not healthy for my relationship. Seeing some of my own behavior in this book was a great wake-up call for me. This book clearly defines these unhealthy behaviors and ways in which you can change your behavior so that you can have a healthier relationship. I feel that I have already started to take quite a number of steps in the right direction!
By PT1980


Great for men and women! Dr. Sharma reveals her hints, tips and strategies on how to revel within a happy marriage and keep the flame burning. It’s a great read for both women and men alike, and both will find ways to keep love alive. She actually explains how to keep relationships healthy and long-lasting. She actually wants to utilize her expertise to help couples achieve there success in romance. Her perspective is on point and should be taken seriously, her advice is phenomenal.
By Jaime A. Geraldi 


Great book. I recently bought this book for my wife she was amazed, she did read it in two days and passed it to me. It was excellent reading and I would recommend it for any couple to read it.
By jFk


Great resource for couples. Strong Women Strong Love is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting a strong marriage in today’s challenging society. Dr. Sharma’s writing style is instantly engaging and relatable. She offers a refreshing look at the role of the culture we live in, and not just the individual behaviors that make or break a relationship. Her style is encouraging and validating, using humor to drive home some very serious points. Dr. Sharma does a good job of drawing together ideas from many prominent people in the field, and integrates those ideas into immediately useful and practical tips. She is able to offer a modern perspective on traditionally held beliefs that, although many of us would not outwardly endorse, our behavior in relationships suggests that we cling to them on some level. As a therapist, I would happily recommend this book to my clients, not only those with issues in their marriage, but also those looking to strengthen their sense of self and overall relational skills.
By Suzette Stoks, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist


Incredibly useful and easy to read.This book is a must read for professional women who want to take their good and sometimes challenging relationships and make them better and stronger. I found it empowering and remarkably relevant. Dr. Sharma dealt with issues that most people don’t address and she gave great advice. The book is not at all mushy or soft, but rather practical and doable! I think strong men should read it too!!
By Dr. Tova Rubin


Offers terrific insights on marriage. Dr. Sharma’s book offers highly practical insights on contemporary marriage. Her writing is clear, concise and accessible. Reading her book feels like having an inspiring conversation with a wise encouraging friend or mentor. There are many excellent books on marriage but this book really addresses the specific concerns of strong successful women who want loving partnerships in a world not necessarily set up for them. I will be recommending this book to clients in my practice.
By Jill, Eagle, Colorado


Very practical but also very wise. This is a really practical book that is based in good research and solid theory. The sections are short and very readable, but packed with information that will be useful in any relationship but especially in relationships for professional women. Each chapter ends with a Bottom Line that sums up the chapter and can be repeated as a way to hold on to the wisdom and practical advice covered in the chapter. For example, Chapter Six is called “Know Who You Are and What You Need” and goes on to detail ways in which you can work to ground your own authentic self while opening yourself up to intimacy (i.e., “Hold onto yourself to hold onto the marriage.”) The Bottom Line for this chapter (my favorite) is, “A strong sense of self is essential to a healthy marriage.” I also love the next chapter, “Let Him See You.” It talks about ways of opening up and risking vulnerability, and (gasp!) even allowing yourself to *need* him. I would’ve loved this guide when I was navigating the world of dating and intimacy, but I also find it useful to remind myself of healthy ways to engage with my husband of many years.
By Dr. Stella Beatriz Kerl-McClain


Get this book. I coach high performing women leaders at Fortune 500 companies – aka strong women who often struggle with making their personal and professional lives work in tandem. This book offers valuable, simple, practical advice that is evidence and research-based. But it it isn’t theoretical or conceptual; it’s firmly grounded in reality. I have shared this with several people (including men) who have started implementing what’s in here, and it is making a difference! I would strongly recommend this book. What is in here applies to relationships, not just marriages.
By Neena S. Newberry


This is a must read for all women who want to maintain their marriage and thrive in it.  On a 1-5 scale this book rates a solid 10 in my view. The author does the best job demystifying the man woman relationship for women of any book that I have read. I am in the business of marriage, relationship and sexual coaching. She accurately explains the male psyche to women so that they can achieve success in their marriages.
By marriagecoach1