What NOT to Do if You Want to Avoid Divorce

It is vital to know what behaviors to stop if you want to keep your marriage strong.  Here’s a great article by Dr. Renay Bradley in the Huffington Post that summarizes the behaviors research reveals are most likely to result in a couple getting divorced:

The Top Five Signs You May be Headed for Divorce

If you’ve ever been married or in a committed relationship, you likely know that marriage is not always bliss. Unfortunately, many of us have grown up thinking that, someday, we’ll marry our “Prince Charming” or “Cinderella” and live happily ever after. That’s the way it’s supposed to be, isn’t it? As a Family Psychologist and Director of Research and Programming at the Relationship Research Institute (a non-profit founded by Dr. John Gottman, dedicated to strengthening relationships through research)–also known as the “Love Lab”–I’ve seen my fair share of people who share this fantasy. Unfortunately, this fairytale ideal may have sadly given many of us somewhat unrealistic expectations when it comes to relationships. Luckily, Dr. John Gottman and his team at the Love Lab have spent the last 35+ years studying couples; this work has given us a more realistic understanding of what happy versus dysfunctional relationships look like.

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Are You Critical of Your Spouse?

The strongest predictor of divorce is contempt.  In this video clip, Dr. John Gottman, the leading marital researcher in the United States, talks briefly about the dangers of a critical mindset to the health of your marriage.